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  • Clarkie: I was there & it was an awesome day ! read more
  • Franny: I I also went to this U2 show. Perhaps, since read more
  • CoolMint: We almost didn't get U2 for this MayFest. As a read more
  • MELBOURNE: I also live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by the way. read more
  • MELBOURNE: I also live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by the way. read more
  • djtrauma: indeed, what a day, one of the best memories of read more
  • Ben Bakos: I attended Tuesday nights concert, and all I could say read more
  • Paul: I think Bono referred to this gig at their Glastonbury read more
  • chris: been a fan for almost 25 years best u2 show read more
  • Russ Zara: Being a massively huge U2 fan, I am the type read more

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