Elvis Presley And America

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"Elvis Presley and America" , by U2 From "The Unforgettable Fire" I finally tabbed this after fooling around with it for so long. My version is nowhere near to perfection, so you'll have to play around with it to get a good feel for the song. The song is basically a jam, and I strongly suggest you listen to the song as you try to play it. ***STICK A CAPO ON THE 3RD FRET*** The song has two guitars (both with capos) in it, and that ambiant tremolo organ. One of the guitars is an acoustic, and the other is an electric. Use a delay with the electric, and set it to about .4 seconds delay time. These are the chords for the acoustic (in reference to the capo): G 32000x C x32010 - You could also play this as a G: 32001x G* 32003x F 133211 The whole song basically cycles thru the same chords on the acoustic. Here's the general pattern: C G* White flash in my own life C G Tell me of my own ... (repeat same pattern from here on) (note: strum these chords cnotinually) At about 1:22 into the song, when Bono sings "Don't talk to me...," the electric guitar enters with this little fill (only play it once): e------------------------ b-0-3---3-3-0-3---------- g-----0---------0-------- At about 1:55 into the song, the chords change to F, right after Bono sings "...And the king that howls has howled..." The chords then switch back to the C, G*, C, G progression at 2:05. At 2:45, the electric guitar enters again with a similar fill: e----------------------------------------------- b---8---8---8---8---8---8---10---8---8---8---8-- g-7---7---7---7---7---7---7----7---7---7---7---- At 3:17, the electric plays the following tab: e---------------------10--------10--------10---------10--10----- b-----8----------8---------8---------8---------8-------------8-- g---7---7---7-------7---------7---------7---------7------------- d-5-------5---5--------5---------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------------ b-----5--------------5------5-------5-------5-------5-- g---5---5--7--5----5----5-7----5--7----5--7----5--7---- d-5--------------5------------------------------------- e-----------------------------10--------10--10-----10--10----10-- b---8--10----8---10--8---8--------8-------------8----------8----- g-7--------7---7-------7-------------7--------------------------- At 3:50 into the song, the acoustic chords again switch to an F For the electric at this part, play the following: *use tremolo bar over next part e---5-------5-- b---6-------6-- Let these chords ring while using tremolo bar g---5-------5-- d---7-------7-- The rest of the song basically goes back to the usual strumming on the acoustic. The electric guitar will add the little fills from above every now and then until the end of the song. There is one last chord that the electric guitar plays towards the end of the song, at 5:23: e--12-- b--13-- g--12-- d--14-- The electric will then continue back into the little fills again. That's the song, or my version at least. Corrections or suggestions are welcome. Good Luck! tabbed by mps133@psu.edu

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