White As Snow

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[lines:Intro:] [chord:Em Em Em Em Em Em Em Em] [chord:Em Em] [lines:Verse 1: Where {Em}I came {Bm}from there {Am}were no {Bm}hills at {Em}all. {Em}{Em}{Em} The {C}land was {C}flat, the {D}highway {Am}straight and {Em}wide. {Em}{Em}{Em} My {Am}brother and {Am}I would {F}drive for {C}hours, like we'd {G}years {G}instead of {D}days, {D} our {Em}faces as {Am}pale as the {D}dirty {G}snow. {G}{G}{G} Verse 2: {Em}Once I {Bm}knew there {Am}was a {Bm}love {Em}divine. {Em}{Em}{Em} Then {C}came a {C}time I {D}thought it {Am}knew me {Em}not. {Em}{Em}{Em} {Am}Who can {Am}forgive {F}forgiveness {C}when {G}forgiveness is {D}not {D} {Em}only the {Am}lamb as {D}white as {G}snow? {G}{G}{G} Fill: ] [chord:D D F F Am Am Am G] [chord:D D F F] [lines:Bridge: And the {C}water, {C}it was {Bm}icy, {Bm}as it {C}washed {C}over {Bm}me. {Bm} And the {Am}moon {Am}shined {C}a-bove,{G} {C}-bove, {G} {D}me.{D}{D}{D} Verse 3: Now {-Em}this dry {-Bm}ground, it {-Am}bears no fruit at {-Em}all. {-Em}{-Em}{-Em} Only {-C}parties {-C}laugh {-D}under the {-Am}crescent moon. {-Em}{-Em}{-Em} The {-Am}road {-Am}refuses {-C}strangers, {-C}the {-G}land the {-G}seeds we {-D}sow. {-D} Where might we {-Em}find a {-Am}lamb as {-D}white as {-G}snow? {-G}{-G}{-G} Verse 4: As {-Em}boys we {-Bm}would go {-Am}hunting {-Bm}in the {-Em}woods, {-Em}{-Em}{-Em} to {-C}sleep{-C} the {-D}night, {-Am}shone out the {-Em}summers. {-Em}{-Em}{-Em} Now the {-Am}walls are {-Am}every {-C}passing {-C}stranger, every {-G}face we {-G}cannot {-D}know. {-D} If only a {-Em}heart could {-Am}be as {-D}white as {-G}snow. {-G}{-G}{-G} If only a {-Em}heart could {-Am}be as {-D}white as {-G}snow. {-G}{-G}{-G} Outro: {-G}{-G}{-G}{-G}{-G} ]

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