Alya Khan meets Bono and Adam

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By: Alya Khan (

I'm sorry, I didn't realize how much people would want to hear. I didn't want to post it to Wire because I didn't want it to seem like I was trying to gloat or something. :) What happened was, we were in The Kitchen with these two men we had met, Ed form the States, and Sam from London. We were dancing and Ed asked if we would like anything to drink, and we said sure, so he and Sam went off to the bar while Sarah and I went to the bathroom. This was the third time we'd been to the club and at this point I had stopped looking over my shoulder because I just figured that they probably never went there anyway. We made our way back to the main bar, passing right by the wall where Bono was standing without even realizing he was there. I grabbed my drink and Sam and I went to go stand by the door. A few seconds later, Sarah comes running up and says, "oh my god, guess who's behind the curtain?!" It was a curtained off area that the security guards always kept a watchful eye on. Anyway, she goes running off again while I'm trying to explain to Sam how if anyone of the band is here, I have to meet them. A few seconds later she comes back and says that the bartender had said one of them had already left, but the rest of them were out on the dance floor 'mingling' and if we went out there, we would probably run into them. Off we went. I grabbed Sam's hand and took a quick look around the dance floor but didn't see anything of interest, so headed for the back bar. There was a room back there with tables and booths set up and I was desperately trying to find a familiar face. At this point Sam starts saying how I should be realistic, because if they actually were here, they would probably get mobbed, etc. I thought he was probably right, but I didn't want to give up so easily. We started to leave the room, and right as I got out the door, I felt someone grab my wrist and pull really hard... it was Sarah. Her eyes were wide and she pointed and said, "Look!" My first reaction was, "Why did she pull me so hard, what does she want me to look at... oh, that guy looks really familiar... oh yeah, that's Bono... OH WAIT THAT'S BONO!!" There he was standing about 5 feet away from me. She had been standing against the wall we passed earlier, right next to the man and she didn't even realize it. It s funny because you think of all these really cool things you're going to say if this moment ever comes... but all that goes out the window and your jaw drops to the floor and you end up absolutely speechless. At this point he started to turn and walk away, and I thought to myself that this is probably going to be the last time I'm ever this close to him, I have to try and do something. So I took a few steps forward and tapped him on the arm and he turned around, and I'm sure my mouth was still wide open because he started laughing a little and he shook my hand and walked away. I was in shock. I decided I needed some air, so Sarah and I walked back to door and stood there for a few minutes. There we were and who else but Adam walks out of the curtain. He was getting ready to leave, but needed to walk past us to get to the exit.You could tell they were trying to bypass us because there was a security man between he and where he would be walking. Again, I thought to myself that I have to at least try to do something so I just said, "'Scuse me, can I shake your hand?" I think he found this rather amusing because he chuckled and said, "Sure!" and grabbed my hand for a second as he left. There was a look in his eyes that really impressed my... they were very gentle. Anyway, Sam comes up to us at this point and I was telling him how I had just shook hands with them and he said he never saw Bono so off we went again to the dance floor, except this time we were on the opposite side from before. I was standing there and I looked at Sam and then just beyond him and there was Bono again. I pointed and you could tell his reaction was similar to mine. Sarah came up and urged me to say something to him because she knew that was something I really wanted to do, so I decided I would. I picked a time when few people were around and I went up to him, touched him on the arm and leaned down toward his ear, and said something like, "I just want to say that thanks to your music I've gotten through a few rough nights." He pressed my hand in both of his and gave me a look that I will always remember. He shut his eyes and smiled, like he was pleased I felt that way and that somehow he had done his job. He took his hand away and patted my back, and I probably could have stuck around and talked a little, but my first thought was that I didn't want to bother him, so I walked away. The rest of the night we would see him standing around and soon after, he left. Even when I think about it now, a month later, that excitement is still there and I hope it always will be. Neither of them will ever remember me (except in my dreams :)) but that's alright, because I'll remember enough for all three of us.

Alya Khan

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wow! blessed you, alya!
that's a meeting you'll always remember.
life is good when you meet someone who does make an impact on your life, and you get the opportunity to tell them so. I am glad that it was a positive experience for you, as so many people in this business are so rude and snobby. It's nice to encounter those kinds of people who are humble enough to say hello to us "regulars" and can take a compliment.
God bless you, Alya.

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