Zoo TV: Live From Sydney

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Zoo TV: Live From Sydney
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Original Release Date: May 17, 1994

DVD Release Date: September 19, 2006

Duration: 118 Minutes (VHS), 210 Minutes (DVD)

Liner Notes (VHS):

157 shows...
4 MILLION people...
52 trucks...
36 video monitors...
1,200 tons of equipment...
3 miles of cable...
1 MILLION watts...
enough power to run 2,000 homes.
All tracks published by Blue Mountain Music Ltd. (UK), Mother Music Ltd. (Rep. Of Irl.), Taiyo Music Inc. (Japan) and PolyGram Music Publishing B.V. (ROW). Except: "Unchained Melody" - North/Zarrett,MPL Communications "Satellite Of Love" - Screen Gems/EMI Music Ltd. "Can't Help Falling In Love" - Peretti/Creatore/Weiss, Manor Music Co. Ltd. Directed by: David Mallett. Produced by: Ned O'Hanlon & Rocky Oldham. Lighting Consultant: Allen Branton. U2 Show Designer: Peter 'Willie' Williams. Sound Recording: Robbie Adams. Editors: Tim Waddell, Dave Gardner, Bruce McKenna. Choreographer/Dancer: Morleigh Steinberg. A Dreamchaser Production For Straypass LTD. Original photography: Anton Corbijn (Front), Peter Stone (Back). Sleeve design and computer treatments: Works Associates (Dublin). HiFi Sound. Not Rated.

Liner Notes (DVD):

Aspect: 4:3. Sound: PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 5.1 Surround. Duration: 3 hrs 30 mins. Language: English (Subtitles Disc 2: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese). DVD Format: 1 x DVD 9, 1 x DVD 5. Video Format: PAL. All titles written by U2 and published by Universal Music Publishing International BV, except Blue Mountain Music Ltd. (UK), Mother Music (IRL), except: "Unchained Melody" - North/Zarrett, MPL Communication. "Satellite Of Love" - Lou Reed, Screen Gems/EMI Music Ltd. "Show Me The Way To Go Home" - King/Swain, Campbell Connelly & Co Ltd. "Can't Help Falling In Love" - Peretti/Creatore/Weiss, Carlin Music on behalf of Gladys Music & Cherry Lane Publishing Co. "Love Rescue Me" - U2/Bob Dylan, Universal Music Publishing International BV, except Blue Mountain Music Ltd. (UK), Mother Music (IRL)/Warner Chappel Music Ltd. "Television, The Drug Of The Nation", courtesy of Universal-Polygram Int. Publ., Inc. on behalf of Itself and Beatnigs Music. A Solo Too DVD production for U2 Limited. (p) 2006 U2 Limited (c) 2006 U2 Limited.

Track List:

  1. Show Opening (Performer [Intro: Television, The Drug Of The Nation]: The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy) (DVD Edition Only) (4:16)
  2. Zoo Station (4:50)
  3. The Fly (4:49)
  4. Even Better Than The Real Thing (5:35)
  5. Mysterious Ways (6:25)
  6. One (4:43)
  7. Unchained Melody (Written by: Alex North, Hy Zaret) (1:24)
  8. Until The End Of The World (4:58)
  9. New Year's Day (4:54)
  10. Numb (4:15)
  11. Angel Of Harlem (4:32)
  12. Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (5:55)
  13. Satellite Of Love (Written by: Lou Reed) (3:48)
  14. Dirty Day (5:35)
  15. Bullet The Blue Sky (5:22)
  16. Running To Stand Still (5:36)
  17. Where The Streets Have No Name (5:42)
  18. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (6:42)
  19. Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (9:20)
  20. Lemon / Show Me The Way To Go Home (Snippet) (Written by [Show Me The Way To Go Home]: Swain, King) (5:17)
  21. With Or Without You (4:19)
  22. Love Is Blindness (5:27)
  23. Can't Help Falling In Love (Written by: George David Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore) (4:03)

Bonus Track List (DVD Edition):

  1. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World (Live From The ZooTV Special, Yankee Stadium, New York, 29th And 30th August 1992) (4:17)
  2. Desire (Live From The ZooTV Special, Yankee Stadium, New York, 29th And 30th August 1992) (5:17)
  3. The Fly (Live From The Stop Sellafield Concert, G-Mex Centre, Manchester, 19th June 1992) (4:37)
  4. Even Better Than The Real Thing (Live From The Stop Sellafield Concert, G-Mex Centre, Manchester, 19th June 1992) (4:25)
  5. A Fistful Of ZooTV (7:50)
  6. ZooTV - The Inside Story (4:10)
  7. Trabantland (7:47)
  8. Video Confessional (5:14)
  9. Numb Karaoke (Remix: Emergency Broadcast Network) (4:13)
  10. Building The ZooTV Stage (4:13)
  11. ZooTV Outtakes: War Scenes (1:15)
  12. The Videos, The Cameos And A Whole Lot Of Interference From ZooTV Documentation (24:48)


  • Australia:
    • DVD: Island 060251701292
    • VHS: Polygram 631150-3
  • Canada:
    • VHS: Polygram 800 631 373-3
  • Japan:
    • LaserDisc: Polygram PHLS-5002/3 (Two 12" Discs)
  • UK:
    • VHS: Polygram 631150-3
  • USA:
    • DVD: Island ISL0007394, Island ISL0007461
    • LaserDisc: Polygram 800 631 373-1
    • VHS: Polygram Video 800 631 373-3

Media Review:

Review: Zoo TV: Live from Sydney

4 1/2 stars (out of 5)

By Jonathan Miller, All Music Guide

Zoo TV was the tour that expressed U2's fascination with technology (particularly satellite television coverage of the collapse of European Communism and the Gulf War) with the band's bolder '90s attitude. The result was a reaffirmation of U2's live power juiced with state-of-the-art mockery of rock & roll excess. Live From Sydney captures a memorable show from this tour and demonstrates the humor and eloquence of a band at its artistic peak. Unlike previous U2 tours, Zoo TV incorporated a mammoth stage setup wired with large television screens. The visual show was thus as dynamic and engaging as the band itself, and the video cameras that taped this concert took that into account successfully. Tight shots of the band are creatively juxtaposed with wider angles of the stage technology, a strategy that works incredibly well on numbers such as "Until the End of the World," when the screens depict exploding warheads as red lights pulse beneath a stage atmosphere flooded with glowing smoke. During a thrillingly intimate version of "Where the Streets Have No Name," Bono turns and waves to himself as the screens show old film clips of the band's Joshua Tree photo sessions. Other highlights include "The Fly," in which Bono's ironic character ascends the walls of flashing subliminal messages, and "Mysterious Ways," in which a belly dancer appears to tempt the singer. A backstage camera shows the makeup room where Bono's encore persona, "Mister Macphisto," comes to life. Special effects added to the video occasionally obstruct the group's theatrics; however, the production includes some great editing, including the constellation maps mysteriously rotating beneath images of the band members during the funereal "Love Is Blindness." Live From Sydney does an excellent job of documenting one of the most ambitious tours in rock history. This entertaining and well-directed crystallization of one of U2's finest moments is essential viewing for any fan.

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