Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1

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Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1
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Release Date: November 6, 1995

Highest Chart Position: UK: n/a USA: n/a

Liner Notes:

Passengers: Brian Eno: strategies, sequencers, synthesizer, treatments, mixing, chorus voices. Vocal on "A Different Kind of Blue". Bono: Vocal, guitar, piano on "Beach Sequence". Adam Clayton: Bass, narration on "Your Blue Room". The Edge: Guitars, chorus voices, vocal on "Corpse", organ on "Your Blue Room". Larry Mullen Jnr: Drums, percussion, rhythm sequence on "One Minute Warning", rhythm synthesizer on "United Colours". Luciano Pavarotti: Tenor voice on "Miss Sarajevo". Holi: Vocals / co-writer on "Ito Okashi". Voice on "One Minute Warning". Howie B: Mixing, treatments, scratching, call vocal / rhythm track / co-writer on "Elvis Ate America". Craig Armstrong: String arrangment on "Miss Sarajevo". Paul Barrett: String arrangment on "Always Forever Now". Des Broadbery: Sequencer on "Always Forever Now". David Herbert: Saxophone on "United Colours" and "Corpse". Holger Zschnderlein: Additional synthesizer on "One Minute Warning". All tracks engineered by Danton Supple except "Elvis Ate America" engineered by Howie B. Project assistant: Rob Kirwan. Assistant on original recording sessions: Lee Philips. Assistant at Metropolis: Ruadhri Cushnan. Assistant to Howie B: Fiach Cooling. Editing: Brian Eno & Rob Kirwan. Studio Crew: Dennis Sheehan, Des Broadbery, Sam O'Sullivan, Fraser McAllister, Dallas Schoo, Stuart Morgan, Rob Kirwan, Rab McAllister. Studio Co-Ordinator: David Herbert. Recorded and Mixed at Westside Studios (London) and Hanover, Dublin. Thanks to Robbie Adams, Marius De Vries, Nick Angel, Gavin Friday, Candice Hanson, Osmond J. Kilkenny III. Paul McGuinness: Manager of U2. Anne-Louise Kelly: Album production Manager. Assisted by Candida Bottaci. Brian Eno's company is Opal Ltd, London. Thank you to Anthea Norman-Taylor and James Topham. Front cover Illustration: Theodor Rotreki c/o Aura-Pont, Prague. Apple Mapping: Rob Crane. Cutting Floor: Richard Baker. Sleeve and concept by Brian Eno and Cally.

Track List:

  1. United Colours (5:31)
  2. Slug (4:41)
  3. Your Blue Room (5:28)
  4. Always Forever Now (6:24)
  5. A Different Kind Of Blue (2:02)
  6. Beach Sequence (3:25)
  7. Miss Sarajevo (5:41)
  8. Ito Okashi (3:25)
  9. One Minute Warning (4:40)
  10. Corpse (These Chains Are Way Too Long) (3:35)
  11. Elvis Ate America (2:59)
  12. Plot 180 (3:41)
  13. Theme From The Swan (3:24)
  14. Theme From Let's Go Native (3:07)
  15. Bottoms (Watashitachi No Ookina Yume) (Zoo Station Remix) (4:11) (Bonus Track)


  • Australia: Island 524 166-4, Island 524 166-2
  • Brazil: Island 524 166-2
  • Canada: Island 314-524 166-4, Island 314-524 166-2
  • France: Island CID 8043 / 524 166-2
  • Germany: Island 73145 24166 2
  • Israel: Island / Helicon CID 8043/524 166-2
  • Japan: Island PHCR-1800
  • Netherlands: Island 73145 24166 2
  • Poland: Polygram ICT 8043
  • UK: Island ILPS 8043 / 524 166-1, Island ICT 8043 / 524 166-4, Island CID 8043
  • USA: Island 314-524 166-1, Island 314-524 166-4, Island 314-524 166-2

Media Review:

Review: Original Soundtracks 1

3 stars (out of 5)

By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

Passengers is a collaboration between U2 and Brian Eno, so it should come as no surprise that the music on Original Soundtracks 1 is an extension of U2's last album, Zooropa. Under Eno's influence, the group incorporates more ambient electronic soundscapes, which unravel over the course of the album. In fact, Original Soundtracks 1 sounds more like a Brian Eno album than a U2 release, except when the band's knack for anthemic pop songwriting shines through every once and a while. The most affecting example of this is "Miss Sarajevo," a slowly pulsating and melancholy collaboration with Luciano Pavarotti, who makes the middle eight soar. Equally impressive is the sweeping "Your Blue Room," which stands as one of U2's finest ballads. Nevertheless, the heart of the album is in its instrumentals, where the band -- particularly the Edge and Eno -- manages to keep the constantly shifting sonic colors and textures involving and intriguing.

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