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Gloria by U2, Transcribed by Richard Zangoli I saw that there wasn't a complete transcription to this great U2 song either on the OLGA or in the U2 Guitar Archive so I decided to transcribe it. The more that people play U2 songs, the better in my opinion. This is the version from the Under a Blood Red Sky CD. I used the Best of.. U2 song book as a guide but because it's pretty crappy, I had to figure a lot of it out myself. I think this is reasonably accurate. Tune down half a step to play along with the song. Intro Riff- E----------0-----------0--8--------------------0----------------------- B-------6-----------6--------6--------------0--------0----------------- G----7-----------7-------------7----------6---------------6------------ D-7-----------7------------------7------7---------------------7------- A--------------------------------------7---------------------------7 --- E------------------------------------------------------------------------- E----------------------0-------- B------------------0------0----- G-------------6---------------- D-------7---------------------- A---7--------------------------- E------------------------------- The main riff- release the bend here E-0---0---0--10--12----0---0--10--12-----12--10---14b---12--0--10--0--9--0 B-10-12----------------10--12----------10--------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E-10--0--12--0----------0---0--0--10--12----0---0---10--12------12--10---- B-----------------10---10--12---------------10--12-----------10------------- G---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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