Angel Of Harlem

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U2 ANGEL OF HARLEM (BASS TAB) ----------------------------- tabbed by: steve palmer- [email protected] Verse: ------ C F C F g|--------------------------------------| d|--------------------------------------| a|--3-3--------0---3-3--------0---------| E|-------0-1-3----------0-1-3---3-------| Chorus: ------- F G G F F G g|--------------------------------------------------------------| d|--------------------------------------------------------------| a|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--1--1-0-1--3--3-1-3--3--3-1-3--1--1-0-1--1--1-0-1--3--3-1-3--| Bridge: ------- Am G F F g|----------------------------------------------| d|----------------------------------------------| a|--0--0---0------------------------------------| E|-------3----3--3-1-3--1--1-0-1--1--1-0-1------| (Repeat 2X) that's all... suggestions, corrections welcome

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