No Grammy for U2

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For the first time in a decade, U2 failed to win a Grammy. What went wrong? Let's face it, NLOTH was not U2's greatest moment. I confess that I hardly ever listen to it because it...hurts. Yes, Bono's lyrics are still searching for the answer to the ultimate meaning of it all. But, in the past his lyrics have had a sense of hope and the music would carry you along to a higher plane. I think the lyrics and the music lack the ethereal quality of their previous albums. When I first heard the album, my first thought was that Bono needs Prozac. The songs Unknown Caller and Fez come across as self indulgent poetry. Now that I have pissed you off, dear readers, we will move on to my opinion about the rest of the Grammys.

Brian Eno won an award for his collaboration with David Byrne. They won in the category of "recording package." I'm not sure what that is, but kudoz to them.

U2 lost big time to Green Day. I was really looking forward to their performance, but instead I got a glee club performance. Green Day on Broadway? I thought they were way too cool for such a thing! Speaking of Broadway, will Spiderman ever see the light of day?

I was disappointed with the Michael Jackson tribute. I think it could have been so much more--longer for one. I was expecting hip hop and rocks brightest performing Jackson's greatest hits-not Celine Dion and Carrie Underwood. Slash was in the house so why not let him rock out to Thriller or Beat It?

I now understand Lady Gaga. She is the love child of Ziggy Stardust and Elton John. Yes, I realize that both Bowie and John are male, just go with it.

So that you don't think I am a total arse, I enjoyed Pink's trapeze performance. It was graceful and elegant.

Finally, Dave Mathews (I am a fan) demonstrated that his dancing is worse than all of the members of U2 put together. What started out as a nice love song quickly turned into a hoe down.

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Totally agree about the grammys - overall.

u2 - i disagree. i took no line out of my car a month ago and i find myself missing it terribly. i know, just put it back in there. i can't. i would only listen to it if i did. i absolutely love being fez and unknown caller - give them a few more spins - maybe you will love them too!

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