Sorry Bono, But I think I have to disagree this time?

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I'm usually one to support Bono in everything he does, he has always been an huge inspiration for me, heck if he told me to drop off a building head first because it was good, I probably would do it, But there is one thing I think at the moment that I have to sit on the opposite of the table with Bono on, and that is internet file sharing.

With the recent news of Bono speaking out against internet file sharing particularly in the music industry, I sit and scratch my head and ask "Bono, do you realize without file sharing many people would not be able to hear the music or know the artiest they do today? And that's including U2?".

I can understand Bono's point of view that doing it illegally causes a lot of problems for the "smaller artiest", but at the same time U2 isn't really hurting that much, after making millions off the 360 tour, yeah album sales were a little low, but I personally don't feel that is because of internet music file sharing. So why is Bono really worrying about all this? Is he worried maybe that U2's future will be effected by file sharing? or is he really caring about " the smaller guy"?

I sit at the opposite side of the table with Bono on this, but at the same time I can see his point, maybe that makes me a hypocrite on this, but that's not the point here.

The point is Bono wants to put a tracking device to stop file sharing completely. That's a bit much don't you think? And Let me ask this, If I decide to burn a cd to my computer and download it, so I can file share it with a friend, should I be punished for that? But I'm telling my friend about the artiest and sharing their music, is that wrong? Isn't that part of the music industry to share with others what is out there? A way of promoting? So I should be punished for promoting a group I like, such as U2? I don't know Bono this sounds a bit twisted and wrong here. And with the Ipod particularly The (RED) Product Nano you promoted, requires downloading and file sharing to get music on there, correct? Sorry,something doesn't sound right here Bono.

I love Bono to death and support him in just about everything, but this tracking those that download music and trying to put a stop to file sharing is a bit much, and bit confusing for me here and little bit delusional don't you think?

I lay about 50/50 on the fence here with this, but a lot of this is a bit to much, even for Bono.

Personally trying to put file sharing to a complete stop is bit much, and can probably hurt the industry more than file sharing itself does.

I don't know about this one Bono.

Do understand that this writing is not to attack Bono at all it's just something I feel it a bit much, even for one of the biggest frontman out there.

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