It's A Great Day To Be A U2 Fan

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It is a great time to be a fan of U2. Both the band and U2station have exciting things happening.
As a blogger, I hope that I can both entertain you and inspire you to discuss all that is happening in the world of U2. I hope to hear your opinions, whether you agree or disagree with what I have to say.
The band remains as relevant as ever, as evidenced by their new album, "No Line on the Horizon." Both critics and fans agree that it is one of their best, yet. Of course, this was said about their last two albums. What other band, in the history of rock n' roll, continues to surpass their own limitations? No other band in their statue has been able to continue to release one critically acclaimed album after another. And, decade after decade, they continue to inspire us, their fans, to surpass our own limitations. I have been attending U2 concerts for over a decade and after each concert, I always hear at least one concert-goer proclaim that it was a spiritual experience.
Bono's lyrics are never dull. His words continue to both entertain and inspire. It seems that, after all these years, he still has not found what he is looking for. In a way, I hope he never does, because it is the uncertainty in his lyrics that I relate to.
Of course, lyrics alone don't cut it. U2 would be nothing without the rest of the band, Adam, Larry & the Edge. Together, they create the life force within the group. After 30 years, they still like each other and are obviously still inspired by one another.
With a new album and an upcoming tour, there is sure to be lots of excitement and many things to talk about. U2station has been following U2 through rock n' roll history for over a decade and we will be right here, along for the ride, for this piece of history. We thank you, our readers, for riding along with us.
Let's raise a toast to U2. Their music has been and continues to be the soundtrack to my life.

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Hi Brenda!

I am so excited to be onboard U2 Station as a News Contributor, and I'm happy you're here as well. You are so right about these talented artists, they are truly inspiring and are still, the very best of friends.

Congratulations on your published book! I look forward to reading your entries.


Karen Mayfield

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