Bono's Chat for the "Drop the Debt" Campaign

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MSN Chat, June 10, 1999 (times are Pacific Time, USA)

Bono's Chat Transcript for "Drop the Debt" Campaign.

[12:15] # Appears as TIKI.

[12:16] Are you there Nial?

[12:16] hi all

[12:16] # Appears as TIKI.

[12:17] not imposters lol - inmsurance!

[12:18] hi

[12:18] we are on

[12:20] hi all

[12:21] Bono test

[12:23] hey there

[12:23] steady

[12:25] hi there guys!

[12:25] hi all test

[12:25] hi all test

[12:25] hi yall

[12:25] you guys gonna be on tv !

[12:26] yep

[12:26] Bono will be online in 30 mins

[12:26] there will be a repeat one hour later

[12:27] Hello there

[12:28] hello folks

[12:40] hello

[12:46] hello there folks

[12:49] hi

[12:49] hi

[12:51] Simon I am here

[12:51] -+

[12:51] ok

[12:51] simon

[12:51] everything is ok

[12:53] niall?

[12:54] kkkkllllll

[12:54] yes simon

[12:54] ok

[12:54] just checking

[12:54] k

[12:54] lol

[12:55] nice!

[13:00] lll

[13:00] k

[13:04] # Appears as TIKI.

[13:04] Hi everyone

[13:04] we are live from Dublin Ireland

[13:04] we have Jamie Drummond from Jubilee 2000

[13:04] and we are proud to present ......

[13:05] Mr Bono Vox

[13:05] we have had thousands of email questions in advance

[13:05] Ladies and Gen

[13:05] and millions more live!

[13:06] Ladies and Gentle Bono!

[13:06] welcome online Bono

[13:06] I'd like to say firstly that I am used to speaking to people in their bodies, in fact...

[13:06] U2 por siempre,

[13:06] Cristina Cantu

[13:06] Bono how can people from around the world really help drop the debt?

[13:07] whisper you questions to the hosts please

[13:07] and we'll do our best top get you in

[13:08] hi

[13:09] the best thing you can do is make a lot of fuss about the obscene scenario of the poorest countries in the world on their knees to the richest...

[13:10] you can sign the petition on line right now...

[13:11] it's a long way from brazil but you can come to Cologne... lol

[13:11] lol

[13:12] jubilee 2000 has a lot of supporters in brazil plus i learned to samba in rio last year

[13:12] Jose Portugal

[13:12] Bono, where did this idea come from?

[13:14] the bible, the pope, two english eccentrics, bill peters and martin dent...

[13:14] What does the Jubilee bit stand for ?

[13:16] that's the bible bit. jubel was the brother of noah and he smuggled a fender guitar and a marshall stack onto the ark... only joking it was a ram's horn

[13:17] the year of jubilee was about freeing the slaves and cancelling the debt. it was the beginning of sabbath economics...

[13:19] i.e. on the seventh day people rested and in the seventh year the land rested and seven times seven (49 years) people had to be let off their debts...

[13:19] it was a great idea which has been tactically forgotten...

[13:20] god apparently wasn't the best banker

[13:20] Host Bill3_MSN_Host says:

[13:20] Bono, how can the major powers ensure that the extra money will be spent fairly if the debt is dropped?

[13:22] jubilee 2000 says that the unpayable debts should be cancelled by the year 2000 under a fair and transparent process. a fair and transparent process is what guarantees that the monies freed up will be spent properly

[13:24] it's clear that there has been corruption and dodgy dictators have taken advantage of the system. aid in the past has gone amiss

[13:26] however, there has also been corrupt lending from so called reputable banks who could see where their loans were going ie into the pocket of the likes of mobutu who was lent billions

[13:27] after an internal memo at the imf (international monatary fund) clearly told our governments not to lend him another dime... it was all going to swiss bank accounts

[13:29] now the children of zaire / the congo have to carry the burden of this debt instead of being able to go to the schools the money was supposed to buy

[13:29] Host little_flower says:


[13:30] campaigning for jubilee 2000 makes sense... the thing about music is it often doesn't...

[13:32] you've no choice of subject matter... you write whats in your heart and on your mind unless of course it's crap, in which case it usually means you've thought about it too much

[13:32] Nico

[13:32] Hows the new U2 record coming along? any idea if it will be released

[13:32] before 2000?

[13:33] we're kinda running after it at the moment which is a good sign - it's usually the other way round

[13:33] it's the sound of four people playing in a room

[13:34] four people who have spent most of their lives together

[13:35] but feeling like its the first time... it feels really fresh to me

[13:35] don't know when it will be finished though

[13:35] Jani

[13:35] Finland

[13:35] Hope to see you soon on tour with u2 and lots of happines with your

[13:35] family. Will there be any more big tours?

[13:35] aah the big tour we took our giant arch and mirrorball lemon everywhere..

[13:37] nasa wants the lemon for their museum. 'how popstars travelled in 1998'

[13:37] mcdonalds took the yellow arch back...

[13:38] though they accepted that they couldn't patened the parabolic curve and refrained from sueing us...

[13:39] so i guess that leaves a drum kit, one vox amp, a couple of adam's sub-lows and a loud hailer to throw in the back of our humble jumbo...

[13:40] Host 'Host\bChrissy says:

[13:40] 21Xeraphina rnAgain How will dropping the dept affect the worlds economy and in all reality this would cause caos? Would this apply to capital countries such as the US who owes a few billion $ to european countries???

[13:41] it's chaos right now, as we close the most barbaric century, according to the un there are hundreds of thousands starving who don't have to...

[13:43] history shows that the right kind of debt forgiveness benefits everybody... look at germany after the 2nd world war...

[13:43] and more recently poland

[13:44] uganda has benefitted from some debt cancellation...

[13:45] they've seen the result.. children going to school, getting medical care instead of repaying debts

[13:48] poverty is one of the greatest threats to peace. just before the genocide in rwanda the imf imposed an austerity programme. food prices went sky high etc. etc. this is a position the imf shouldn't be in and i'm sure don't want to be in

[13:48] Host little_flower says:

[13:48] 21oscarito whispers to little_flower:rnwhat countries are going to receive the benefits of this debt forgiveness?

[13:50] jubilee 2000 are asking for 52 countries

[13:50] mostly subsaharan africa

[13:50] south america

[13:50] a few in asia

[13:51] if you want the whole list check our their website www.jubilee2000uk

[13:51] .org

[13:51] Host little_flower says:

[13:51] 21Ben_Kopel whispers to little_flower:rnHey Bono, any good tips and/or words of wisdom to a kid who just picked up his first guitar and has decided to start writing songs?

[13:52] we wrote i will follow on two strings

[13:52] they were the only two we could keep in tune

[13:52] ok, well edge could tune it, i couldn't

[13:53] my best advice is ignore all advice especially from your family, the police, neighbours

[13:54] the world bank cheerleaders,

[13:54] traffic wardens

[13:54] publicans

[13:55] especially publicans, heart surgeons

[13:55] dog breeders

[13:55] pigeon fanciers

[13:56] advertisers

[13:56] terry keane

[13:56] just don't piss off the pizza man - you're going to depend on him

[13:56] Host Bill3_MSN_Host says:

[13:56] Are there any leaders committed to this dropthedebt stuff?

[13:57] though my friends mock me, i believe there is a unique set of players on the world stage right now

[13:58] i believe tony blair, bill clinton, gerhartd schroeder and company

[13:58] are willing to move

[13:59] the french, the japanese have been very generous in the past particularly the japanese (which i don't think a lot of people know)

[14:00] its a unique moment in time

[14:01] this campaign makes some sense of the nonsense planned for new years eve 99. we can - if everyone gets behind us - restructure the relationship between the developing world and the developed.

[14:02] that would be a real reason to party

[14:03] the developing countries have had enough of charity they want to get off the nipple of aid and stand up on their own merit, they want to be self sufficient, self reliant.

[14:05] some of these countries - like nigeria has a newly elected democratic leadership. Obasanjo is a man with a vision for the future and nigeria is a country rich in resources they desearve better than their present predicament

[14:06] Host 'Host\bChrissy says:

[14:06] 21HolyJoe rnHi Iam from Cologne Germany.Is it the true that U2 are in Concert on 19 Juni?

[14:06] sadly no

[14:07] we're going to cologne on business - serious business - the heavy hittin business

[14:07] 100,000 of us if the sun shines

[14:07] and we're not going to take no for an answer

[14:08] if things get really messy we're going to send bishop rodriguez in

[14:08] i hear he carries a big stick or maybe its a staff

[14:09] ewan mcgregor has given us all light sabres for the day and the force is with us


[14:09] wahey!

[14:10] we're not going to be making any music we are going to be making a human chain and handing in the petitions you're signing now.

[14:10] meanwhile i'm going for a piss


[14:11] anyone need to go now is a good time...

[14:11] :o)

[14:11] back in a moment

[14:12] This chat looks like it will beat the X Files

[14:12] one of the biggest ever held

[14:12] and The Biggest held in free space

[14:12] i'm back

[14:12] can i ask a question

[14:13] who's in the most obscure location

[14:13] whisper to the hosts now

[14:14] Host kim says:

[14:14] 21beatinator whispers to kim:rnI'm in the deep south of Van Dieman's Land! (Tasmania)

[14:15] hello to van diemans land

[14:15] hold me now, oh hold me now

[14:15] til this hour has come around

[14:15] and i'm off on the rising tide

[14:15] for to face van diemans land

[14:16] did i just sing unline?

[14:16] Bono sings !!!!! live online!

[14:16] sorry on line

[14:16] lol

[14:16] :o)

[14:16] mine's a vodka and tonic

[14:16] What do you have planned for New Years Eve? Any chance of a U2 concert or

[14:16] will you be getting pissed with your family?

[14:16] love, Zowie

[14:17] in truth if these great men rise to the challence of jubilee 2000 and shift the earth off its economic axis

[14:18] i will spend the night levitating

[14:18] if they don't - i know where they park their cars as we say in dublin

[14:18] Host little_flower says:

[14:18] 21an_cat_dubh whispers to little_flower:rnInbal from israel asks : my english teacher asked me to bring one U2 song for tomorrow's lesson , since I cant pick just one , which shall i bring ?

[14:19] bring 4th of july from the unforgettable fire. it's short, its and instrumental and no one is going to contradict your interpretation

[14:20] i was told it was a favourite of miles davis the great jazz trumpeter. this is the highest complement we've ever received. he's my hero

[14:20] Host little_flower says:

[14:20] 21halo whispers to little_flower:rnif the US lets go the debt go and then does that for other countries will the US taxes be higher?

[14:21] the latest research shows that if us cancells its debt it will cost the average us citizen 52 cents a year

[14:23] we have a tv crew going to take a screen shot folks

[14:23] to go round the world

[14:23] everyone comb hair

[14:23] straighten your ties

[14:24] no talking at the back

[14:25] Host little_flower says:

[14:25] 21halo whispers to little_flower:rnif the US lets go the debt go and then does that for other countries will the US taxes be higher?

[14:26] 52 cents

[14:26] even less for other countries

[14:27] Take 2

[14:27] Host little_flower says:

[14:27] 21halo whispers to little_flower:rnif the US lets go the debt go and then does that for other countries will the US taxes be higher?

[14:27] the latest research shows that if the us cancells its debt it will cost the average us citizen 52cents a year

[14:28] was there good faith on the part of those lending the money?

[14:29] there was corruption on both sides, maybe corruption is too strong a word but there

[14:29] was certainly irresponsible lending

[14:29] dodgy dictators in subsarahan africa put billions in swiss bank accounts instead of investing in their starving populations

[14:30] i'm thinking of mabuto for instance

[14:30] it was clear from the beginning that we shouldn't be lending him any money just applying small town conservative banking principles

[14:31] if you and i were going to borrow money we would have had to answe more questions than mabuto

[14:31] i hope he doesn't know where i park my car

[14:32] Take 3

[14:33] lol

[14:33] hey we got a surprise coming folks

[14:33] this'll be unique :o)

[14:34] ok folks

[14:34] One last question before the finale

[14:35] The campaign has just got started in america what can we do ?

[14:38] as an outsider but a fan of the united states i would have thought this was the very essence of the american way, the ideals of the founding fathers etc. this is the abolition of slavery continued. here we're talking about an economic slavery also americans, like germans, hate inefficient bureocracy which is were we are at right now

[14:38] can we end with a song? has that ever been done before?

[14:38] No Bono NEVER

[14:38] It would be an internet first

[14:39] does anyone out there know the rest of van diemans land?

[14:39] I think thats a yes

[14:39] you lead Bono and I'll free room

[14:39] :0)

[14:39] *** DropTheDebt sets mode: -m

[14:40] repeat ie sing after me: its a bitter pill i swallow here

[14:40] *** DropTheDebt sets mode: -m

[14:40] sing

[14:41] we foght for justice not for gain but the magistrate sent me away

[14:42] now kings will rule and the poor will toil tear their hands as they tear the soil but a day will come in the dawning age when an honest man sees an honest wage

[14:43] sing brethen!

[14:44] hold me now hold me now malasia tasmania east timor and santiago chile

[14:44] london dublin cologne liverpool

[14:44] tokyo sao paulo buenos aires

[14:45] sarajevo

[14:45] belfast

[14:45] reggio emillio

[14:48] thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you good night cyprus good night wirelings goodnight angels good night john boy good night jordan good night eve ali put the kettle on these cyber punks have done my head in. change the world. it's cheaper in the end

[14:52] well

[14:52] hhh

[14:53] how was it for you guys?

[14:53] whisper again folks

[14:59] thanks all

[14:59] there will be arepeat of the chat in 10 mins

[15:07] loverly

[15:07] thanks Joann and Simon our crew in Londao

[15:07] Well just so you know, that has to be one chat that really put be to the test

[15:07] special thanks to Sue Johnson

[15:08] and Nick Babian

[15:08] Dara Mc Cann

[15:08] MSNBC

[15:08] without whom

[15:08] especially Nate

[15:08] thanks nate

[15:08] and Simon Aylett

[15:08] and of course Bono

[15:09] The chat will be repeated in 10 mins

[15:09] Thanks to our Uk team

[15:09] Chrissy

[15:09] Jen - Little Flower

[15:10] The Bill Stephens

[15:10] thanks bill

[15:10] great kickin

[15:10] and Fiona the Foxy Lady

[15:10] You were all great

[15:11] Chrissy that was brilliant

[15:11] Wild and crazy!!!!

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