Highlights from the Dreamchaser Conference

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Sunday, February 25th 1996 4:00PM EDT - 6:15PM EDT

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Marcus - U2 SL OK, If you want to ask a question, type a '?' at any time. That will prompt us to put you on our list, everyone on the list will be called in turn. Please be patient. Please don't ask your question until Michelle or I hand you the floor. That said....

It is with great pleasure that Michelle and I welcome back Ned O'Hanlon, and this time he's brought Dreamchaser partner Maurice Linnane along for the ride!. As you know these guys from Dreamchaser have been involved in many of U2's memorable moments on video, including Miss Sarajevo, Hold me Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, Zoo TV Live From Sydney, Numb, One, The Fly and Achtung Baby the videos, the cameos and a whole lot of interference from ZOO TV. The list goes on. Anyways, would you all join me in welcoming both Ned and Maurice!

The Conways hello Ned & Maurice, who's your inspiration/favorite filmmaker's. What's your fav film/video by someone else ?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Hard question first! Usual Suspects (Ned). Cinema Paradiso (M)

The Conways great choices! some of our favs too!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Pulp - Common People, REM Everybody Hurts

Olivier-(FRANCE) Ned and Maurice, do you know how Bono is doing?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Is that Olivier who went to the pharmacy with me?

Olivier-(FRANCE) no Ned, you probably make a confusion

Aingeal My question is on behalf of a friend of mine who is using the Passengers' 'Miss Sarajevo' video in her classes, for lessons on the country and what is happening over there.

Caroline Von B (hurray ferJarvis!)

Aingeal She wants to know if Dreamchaser, Bono, U2 as a whole, or all of the above helped finance Bill Carter's 'Miss Sarajevo' documentary. I know that they lent him use of Dublin editing facilities but I've heard that the U2 people - or you guys - helped produce it?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane We produced it and part funded it. Bono - as opposed to U2 - Co-exec produced it with me

Aingeal Ah, thanks much Ned. :)

Cristina Matos Ned, when is the next tour?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Please, we don't know anything about the future

Miss Sarajevo And how is the album coming Ned?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane My album was released last week. Nobody knows. Maurice's is due in June

Acro & Ultra We are slightly disoriented to learn that the next tour will be even bigger than the last one. Doesn't that make it more difficult for the band? How can they continually top themselves?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane You should ask the band that one. We really, really can't say anything about the band now or in the future. We are here to talk about the Good Old Days

Miss Sassy Ned: You've made videos for single songs (The Fly) and also of concerts (Zoomerang). Which do you prefer doing, and does it help or hinder the creative process that for concert videos the "design" of the video will be dictated by the stage show, whereas for single songs you have more of a blank canvas ?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Good question. I enjoy the concerts. It's much more of a production oriented thing. Maurice enjoys both. They both have such different aspects...

Wormwood Ned I think you told me to mind my own business once in the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane N+M, well, did ya??

Wormwood it was hard, It was saint Pat's 11992

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane AAAAAhhhh, I remember the day. 'twas a bad day for all us poor paddys, so far away from home...

Wormwood There was a discussion about the Outside Broadcast b/4 you had made any announcement

Wormwood Met Bono and Edge great day...Larry sang

Heidi After watching the "Unforgettable Fire" video collection last night, I Thank God you and U2 met up! How DID you meet?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Why? Don't you like that stuff? We met 14 years ago. We really started to work with them about five years ago. I know Anne-Louise

Heidi There is a dramatic difference between videos then and now!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Better or worse?

Heidi Much better!

Aingeal Well, Pride #3 is a wee bit...er...well...

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Hmmmmmm. Which was Pride #3 ?

Aingeal The one with all the close ups, that Anton Corbijn directed...

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane That was made in Heathrow in 35 minutes. Give the guy a break

Aingeal You're kidding!, Well I didn't say I didn't LIKE it, it's just a little too arty...which is why you rarely saw it on MTV.

Zooropa Child Ned -- How long did it take to make the "Achtung Baby Interference" special and what was it like making it? Also, what is your favorite part of the special?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane All in all it took the first leg of the tour - Miami to Vancouver - to shoot. We edited for 3 weeks and came up against the deadline v. quick. As you know, it had a lot of stuff from all over, so it took a while. (N) The History Mix. (M) The 'So Cruel' part

Weiner two part question: 1) are there any videos out there that either of you personally like and is there a particular direction you might take (i.e. images, colors, computer animation), 2) does Bono have milk and cookies before he sleeps?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Weiner, we kinda answered that one..

Caroline Von B OK lads: Gavin Friday mentioned to me that he's usually present for U2's video shoots. What exactly *does* he do, (other than check if Bono's make up is applied correctly & shag tobacco...) - Can you give me an example of a video in which he had a hand...

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane I studied Media Communications, but I just produce. Maurice studied Zoology and he's the talent. Gavin is a big influence. He was around and very helpful at the start of the outdoor leg of the tour in the States. I can't remember any particular videos. Except for 'In The Name of the Father' - but that was Gav's video.

Caroline Von B (thanks Ned.. I'll send you a copy of my book on him (& are you going to the gig next week :)

Lis Ned: How is it determined who gets the most shots in a concert or single video? If Larry were to be really on and enigmatic one night, would he get more airtime than Bono or is it based on who you think the viewers want to see?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane (M) The front man gets the most cover, coz, well, he's at the front. U2 don't do big drum solos. The big thing is, they are a group. That always has to be captured. Egos don't come into it but bear in mind, they stand up there, and they deserve to look as good on TV as on stage

Lis I agree with you, it just seems sometimes that it's Bono with U2. Thanks!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Bono will always be in front

Kim This is more for Maurice... In the last conference, Ned told us that you were primarily responsible for the Garth Brooks documentary. What was it like to work with GB (he's from my hometown) and how long did it take to make that special?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane (M) Absolutely brilliant. We spent the guts of two years with him all over the place shooting, and approx. a year editing bits and pieces, including the special - which exists in a much longer form than was seen in the US. The U2 fans will kill us . .

Kim I won't. I thought it was really great, the best documentary I've seen on him (and we see a lot on him in these parts).

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane (M) I'll be in Atlanta as well !!!

The Conways On the One videos - what's the story behind the 3 released ones? I read Anton's interview in The Advocate and was upset by how the guys seemed to wimp out from that video. I don't mean to slag your NYC one, but the Berlin/drag one challenged and carried more meaning (at least to me)

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane That was more about the fact the single for One was dedicated to AIDS. The band thought they might send the wrong message in drag.

The Conways I understand that, but a little advance pr could have cleared up the AIDS misunderstanding. It seemed like it wasn't 'safe' for MTV or something

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Not at all. It has proved the most durable. Time and place thing really

The Conways that's true, I mean for the fans it is 'the' one video (no offense!) but I wished it had wider exposure to the rest of MTV/culture. I guess all in all some of u2's videos are hard to find on MTV, especially your brilliant "All I Want is You"

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane It was the most successful triple play on MTV Europe

Miss Sarajevo What was the most interesting video that you've made?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Hold Me.... etc. By far. never did that before!

Mark G There are rumors of videos for 'Zooropa and Daddy's Gonna pay.. is this true?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Be very surprised. Videos do exist from the Zooropa days, but not for TV.

Wormwood Ned, wouldn't the message that was underlying w/ Zoo TV get wasted if it was not pushed further You can't make a declaration such as that and not see it through

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane The Medium IS the message, Wormwood

Wormwood they have just scratched the surface...so to speak. I understand, perhaps I'm not asking a ?, so much as making a statement. There can't be an acoustic or Joshua Tree retreat like most of the romantics out there hope for. I believe the message has yet to strike home with most

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane It could be said, and we would say it, that the surface was well and truly gouged. Maybe that particular baton needs to be picked up by another ? Answering your statement with a question.

Wormwood perhaps.... Thanks Ned gotta go, I'm making dinner for the wife tonight...God Bless. Oh and say hello to my uncle Screwtape for me? He hasn't returned my letters of late

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Aaaah That wormwood

Jen A-ha finally. Okay, with regard to the beauty contest in "Miss Sarajevo"--my friends from Sarajevo are very curious. When does/did this occur? Is it real?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane I think it was '92 or '93. I think the year is on the banner across the stage at the end of the video. And Yes, it was very real

Jen They are totally unfamiliar with any beauty contest.... Thanks though

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Well, we got the footage from, I believe, CNN I've also had many conversations with Miss Sarajevo

Jen I think they'd have to hear it from you--being Sarajevo natives up until '91 to believe it

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane What can I tell you?

Ms MacPhisto sorry to butt in, but I have to leave, gotta go let the Dog out...thanks for coming N+M

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane your welcome. Thank you for joining us live on the air

Jen I will pass it along that there is a living, breathing, actual Miss Sarajevo some where out there........

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Holland, I believe

Caroline Von B (what's up with Holland...?)

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Nothing. That's why they have a lot of dams

Marcus - U2 SL very good

Caroline Von B damsels in distress,,,

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane OK Roll up, Roll up

Kim Bono & Adam are really funny.

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Not so as you would notice

Zooropa Child Ned -- What is your opinion about the "Numb" video? How long did it take to make that video and how many takes where there in it? (noticing there are a few points where Edge looks like he's about to laugh with the feet, etc. that they put on him).

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane The final video is in 2 takes. There were 8 takes in total. Edge never laughs!

Acro & Ultra Three-parter .First- What about U2 doing a video collection of all of their videos. MTV never seems to pay them much attention and other than the world premiere, HMTMKMKM was rarely seen. Lemon was never seen,, etc.

Two- What other projects does Dreamchaser have in the works with or without U2?

Third, We read some time ago that Polygram was interested in creating their own video channel to fill the void left by MTV's reluctance to program music! Will you have any hand in any PGD channel? Thanks, love your work!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane HMKM>>>>>was a huge video in Europe. 28 plays a week for months. Lemon, that's a good point. I don't remember seeing a lot of that either

We are opening a company in London next month. That's our big project for the moment. Maurice is off out with Garth next month as well. We are finishing a concert film with Neil Young. We shot it in Autumn. Watch out for the Van Morrison documentary.

Don't know about Polygram. Other than they are splendid people, of course!

The Missinglink SL MTV really does need some VIDEOS is its daily programming

RoisinDubh Ah the good old days when it was MUSIC television....

Acro & Ultra And about that video collection... Soon please! (Retrospective)

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Yeah. I know MTV US has less and less videos these days. Video collection. Have to wait and see on that one

Miss Sassy Ned - what is your next project ??

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane London. and, of course, world domination by Christmas '97

Miss Sassy What is the difference between Producer and Director - in a nutshell ?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane In a nutshell - lots. Producer he worry money. Director he worry not enough money

Aingeal Can I help with the world domination thing, Ned?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Don't know. Can you?

Aingeal I've got the ego for it.

Heidi Could you please tell us how you came to work with U2?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane They asked us to, Heidi!!

Heidi Could you elaborate? I waited an hour and a half!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane I told you, I know Anne-Louise. SHE knows the band REALLY well

Heidi What about my question?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Heidi, I don't mean to be rude, but Dublin is a small town. Maurice and I have known the band for years. They make music and we make pictures.. it all seemed to fit

Heidi Thanks

Mike Do U2 have plans to make a video for "Your Blue Room," will you and Maurice be included in the plans, and if so what are the contents of the video? And since I've been waiting for ever- How did Bono want the public to receive the words going across the screen in Zoo TV? Ex- WATCH MORE TV, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Mike, don't know anything about a video for YBR. I think all anybody really wanted was for people to watch, listen, enjoy and maybe even think.

Colin I gotta go, sorry. cancel my ? please. Thanks, Ned + Maurice for being here.

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane sorry Colin. Take care

Zoo Lady What did u2 with the video confessional tapes from the 92 tour?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Were are holding the participants to ransom. We still have them all. Archive, we call it!

Zoo Lady did the band look at them?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Well, they were recorded at each show, so the band were kinda busy. We looked at 'em all and picked the best. The band saw what went in the show every night. They watched on a TV backstage

Eggroll I wanted to know what the point of using Vegas as part of the Zoo concept was for "Las Vegas Trash" EBTTRT, I'm from Vegas and it seems that you guys made some pretty harsh comments about my town (after the Still Video being so optimistic)

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Steady on, Eggroll. Las Vegas Trash was a Casino thang. We had a GREAT time in LV. We had a great tour in LV

Eggroll OK. Thanks. It just seemed that Bono plugged Vegas as glitz and glitter every chance he got, a different picture than in 87. Oh, can you explain the *exact* meaning behind the ending to the AIWIY video? I'd like to hear your interpretation. Thanks.

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane She died. He was very sad. Unrequited love.....

Marcus - U2 SL how did she die ?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Old age???

Marcus - U2 SL and the dwarf got no older ???

Aingeal It's an X-File!!

PleekerNed, when she is seen twisting and turning in bed, and then the camera moves out the window behind her ... is that symbolic of her soul leaving her body?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Very good

The Conways where did the numbers from the Sydney video and Zooropa tours come from?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane We made them up - birthdays, phone numbers social security, your bank details

The Conways we dialed an 800 number which was a US poultry hotline - just curious who came up with these?

Rory MAC'berries U2 In the 'Buffalo' video of 'One' the word 'one' appears in many different languages.....my question is what happened to good old Irish version?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Ta se isteach insan video

Aingeal You had MY birthday in there, Ned!!

The Conways so, you didn't *know* you were cosmically linked to Aingeal? or US Poultry?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane OK guys, we have to go. Let's have the Big One

RoisinDubh Ned what does "ta se isteach insan" mean?

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Bad Irish. It's in the video

Dale Souza With the limited amount of actual videos being played by MTV, how can we increase work for your industry and more enjoyment for us; say in video -on-demand or interactive videos? How do we get more airplay for videos "we" want to see not what MTV wants to "feed" us:)

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Have no idea on that one Dale. That's a corporate giant thing. We're just from Dublin

Lemon hey Ned I got a question for ya...

Lis Une question!

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Lemon and Liz. Then we're outta here!

Lemon Would you mind lending out a room for a poor American in a foreign country? namely me.

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Where are you taking it?

Lemon just borrowing it Ned for a day or two I'll leave it where it is.

Ned O'Hanlon / Maurice Linnane Sorry, just us tonight. Sorry to disappoint. We are history, thanks for the memories. See you in another life, and remember, your mission, Jim, is to get out more often.... This line will self destruct........................... BYE

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