Lady With The Spinning Head

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Lady with the spinning head Transcribed by Grahame Hynes.( The song is in Emajor and there is two guitars for the intro, but you can get away with playing one, I have tabbed both for you though. Guitar 1 is an overdub, which just plays chords, with guitar 2 playing the lead/Rhythm. Guitar 1. Here is the rhythm pattern he plays throughout the intro. -------------------------------------- --9-9---9-9-9-9---9---9---9-9---- --9-9---9-9-9-9---9---9---9-9---- \ = Down --9-9---9-9-9-9---9---9---9-9---- ^ = Up --7-7---7-7-7-7---7---7---7-7---- -------------------------------------- \ \ \ ^ \ ^ \ \ \ ^ Chords E A D Guitar 2. b = Bend ld = Let down / = Slide Riff 1. E------------------------------------------------------------------------ B---7--9b(10)ld9--7--9-9b(10)ld9--7---7-9b(10)ld9--7--9-9b(10)ld9--7----- G-9---------------------------------9--------------------------------9--- E------------------------------------- B--9b(10)ld9--7--9--9b(10)ld9--7------ G---------------------------------9--- Guitar 1 drops out after the intro and The Edge takes control, Here is the rhythm he plays for the verse. Riff 2. E. A. E-----------------------------------5-5---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x---- B--9-9---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x------5-5---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x---- G--9-9---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x------6-6---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x---- D--9-9---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x------7-7---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x---- A--7-7---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x------7-7---x-x-x-x---x---x---x-x---- E------------------------------------------------------------------ D. E------------------------------------------------------ B--7-7---x-x-x-x----9b(10)ld9--7--9--9b(10)ld9--7------ G--7-7---x-x-x-x----------------------------------9---- D--7-7---x-x-x-x--------------------------------------- A--5-5---x-x-x-x--------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------ Repeat Riff 2, then go on to the chorus Riff 3. Chorus. Riff 3. E---------------------------------- B--9h10--9h10--9h10--9h10--9h10----x3. h = Hammer on. G--9-----9-----9-----9-----9------- D--9-9---9-9-9-9---9---9---9-9---- A--9-9---9-9-9-9---9---9---9-9---- Repeat Riff 3 again, then this. E------------------------------------- B--9b(10)ld9--7--9--9b(10)ld9--7------ G---------------------------------9--- Verse 2. Repeat Riff 2. Mid-Section. Repeat Riff 3 for this, then go back to the intro Riff 1. Now for the solo, most of this is correct to what I hear, you could also Ad lib, feel free to make any corrections. E------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------9--10-9---9---9-10--9---9--10--12- G-----------------------------s/9---------9---9---------9----------- D-11b(12)--11b(12)--11b(12)-9--------------------------------------- E------------12----------------12----------------------------------- B-12--14--15----15--14--12--14-------15b(17)--15b(17)--15b(17)--12-- G------------------------------------------------------------------- D--11b(12)--11b(12)--11b(12)--11b(12)--11b(12)--11b(12)hold--9---- Chorus. Repeat Riff 3. Outro solo. E--s/14--14--14--14--12--12--12--12\s----s/14--14--14--14--12--12--12--12\s- E--s/15--15--15--15--14--10--12--x3 E-12---12---12---12---12\s---12--12---12---12---12\s----10---10---10---10---10\s- B-15b(17)-(17)-(17)-(17)\s---15b(17)-(17)-(17)-(17)\s---13b(15)-(15)-(15)-(15)\s- E-9----9---9----9-----9\s----12--12---12---12---12\s----10--10---10---10---10\s- B-12b(14)-(14)-(14)-(14)\s---15b(17)-(17)-(17)-(17)\s---13b(15)-(15)-(15)-(15)\s E--9---9----9----9----9\s----10--10---10----10---10\s---12--12---12---12---12\s--- B-12b(14)-(14)-(14)-(14)\s---13b(15)-(15)-(15)-(15)\s---15b(17)-(17)-(17)-(17)\s-- E--10---10---10--10---10\s-------9------- B--13b(15)-(15)-(15)-(15)\s----12b(14)--- LADY WITH THE SPINNING HEAD (extended dance remix) -------------------------------------------------- U2 transcribed by jules ( I was playing this song on my stereo waiting for Pop to be released and started playing along... please correct/add to (it's not complete). This bit is the main riff: e |---------------------| B |-9b10b9--9--7--5--7--| repeat G |---------------------| La la la la la la: e |-12-----12----- --12--11--| B |--9-h10--9-h10- x3 then ----------| G |--9------9----- ----------| This is the high pitched siren like sound on remix version: e |--------------- -------------------| B |-14b15b14--12-- x5 then --14b15b14--12-----| G |--------------- ----------------11-| Outro bit: e |-15--14--10--12-12-----| repeat B |-----------------------| Notation: --9b10b9-- hit 9 bend to 10 then release to 9 (one strike of string). p.s. tab request: 'With a Shout' and 'One Tree Hill'(live). oh and 'She's gonna blow your house down'. "Lady With The Spinning Head" ----------------------------- chords by: Sergio Lucero, E Here she comes, lady luck again, figure of eight, six and nine again. A D E Aaaah, aaah, my lady with the spinning head. Whatever the deal, she won't let me down Wherever I go, she's always hanging 'round Aaaah, aaah, my lady with the spinning head. C#m A La la la la la la la la la la E B Lady with the spinning head She's been gone, but I knew she'd back She's got the rent, she'll put me in the black Aaaah, aaah, my lady with the spinning head. Aaaah, aaah, my lady with the spinning head. I don't mind, she took the weight back off Those pretty dice were rolling off I'm on top when she's around She's been taking me out of town C#m x 4 6 6 5 4

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