U2 handed top Portuguese honour



Irish rock band U2 have been awarded Portugal's highest honour for their humanitarian work.

President Jorge Sampaio bestowed the Order of Liberty honour on the group hours before they went on stage for a concert in Lisbon on Sunday.

Singer Bono, guitarist The Edge, bassist Adam Clayton and drummer Larry Mullen Jr all attended the investiture ceremony at the presidential palace.

"It is of course for the four of us a great, great honour," said Bono.

'Better world'

Bono played a major role in the Live Aid concert for African famine relief 20 years ago and has since campaigned to alleviate global poverty - including taking part in the recent Live 8 concert.

He has also brought many human rights issues to public attention.

After receiving the honour, the U2 frontman urged the Portuguese to help Africa, saying it was unacceptable for children to go hungry and for 3,000 a day to die from malaria.

"If we really believed that an African life was equal to a European life we would not stand by with watering cans while an entire continent was bursting into flames," he said.

Before presenting U2 with their honours, Mr Sampaio said: "Over the last 25 years you have shown that it is possible to combine the pleasure of artistic creation with civic and humanitarian intervention to help build a better world."

It is the first time that Portugal has awarded the Order of Liberty to a foreign music group.

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Ah grande Sampaio!!!!!!
That's baby...you spetate de medal on the chest of bono.

Bono is the antithesis of Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden. He is God's gift to us and her blessing so that we average mortals can believe good exists. I have to say this even though I am not religious or a believer per se. But there is no arguing that Bono is a gift, and he should be honored as such. He even knows it. That is why he is a gift. Thank you Bono. Thank you God.

Bono within the eyes of humanity preaches too the world the goodness of change of an intire continent like africa itself, he will always be remembered through out the rest of his life for doing so much to try and end the greatest tradegy of all our lifetimes, no child deserves too die from lack off food and water, no mother needs too walk for miles and miles too collect water our food, no mother needs too have there face shown through the world, begging in there eyes of so much sadness and little hope that maybe one day them and there family will eat and drink, we don't ever have the right too deny them, never we have too see a child die every fucking 3 seconds, I myself am so shamed to live while they die, may it forever until there is hopefully some change someday be on all off our conscience's too not try, but let change happen for them for the better, bono carry on the great work as we all know that you will never, ever give up many thanks as you know that we cannot thank you enough.

Went to see the boys in Lisbon and they were on fire. There are just no better live bands on the planet than U2.The atmosphere in the stadium was elctric as the portuguese crowd were well up for it.Thanks boys for one of those great U2 moments!
P.s How good are the Kaiserchiefs!

I cant believe the pretentiousness of these comments.U2s recieving of this award is yet another example of their decline into political lick-ass territory.I love U2s music,but enough of Bonos patronising preacher bullshit.Give us all a break.

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