Rambling talk by U2 star Bono endorses Martin, Canada in helping third world

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11.15.03 - Canadian Press

TORONTO (CP) - Rock star Bono endorsed the Liberal government's efforts to help the third world during a long, rambling speech in support of the next prime minister, Paul Martin.

Bono, of the Irish super group U2, said he agreed to speak because he's a fan of Canada and because Martin has delivered on previous promises to help Africa and other impoverished regions.

"I'm a fan of Canada," he said. "I believe the world needs more Canada."

Bono also joked that he felt a bit uncertain because he's not used to appearing in front of small crowds.

"You will have to forgive me if I'm a little shy - you know, I'm not used to speaking to crowds of less than 25,000," he said to laughter in the spellbound audience of about 10,000.

That was a reference to the relatively low leadership convention turnout, which amounts to a coronation for Martin.

Bono has previously met with both Martin and Prime Minister Jean Chretien to talk about the importance of eliminating third world debt.

"I might be the only thing they can agree on," he said, ribbing the two political rivals, who have been at odds for much of the last few years.

Bono was invited by the Martin camp, but he cautioned Martin may not be so fond of him in future as he continues to lobby for help to the third world.

"I'm going to be the biggest pain in his ass," he said. "A year from now he's going to regret tonight."

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