Chris Thomas To Produce New U2

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4.24.03 - Undercover

by Paul Cashmere

Chris Thomas has been named as the producer of the next U2 album.

Thomas is a veteran of the desk having knob twiddled for INXS (Listen Like Thieves), Pete Townshend (Empty Glass), The Pretenders, Sex Pistols (Never Mind The Bullocks) and Roxy Music (Stranded) as well as various works for Elton John and Paul McCartney.

Early in his career, Thomas scored a job working for George Martin and played keyboards on The Beatles classic White Album.

He mixed Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and has his name attached to movie soundtracks such as Pretty In Pink, Trainspotting, Mission Impossible, Ghostbusters 2 and Small Soldiers.

In recent years he has been involved with Pulp, Tall Paul Vs INXS and the soundtrack to 24 Hour Party People.

A Chris Thomas / U2 production is expected to be guitar driven.

In a recent interview Bono told the New York Times "It's a very visceral album. The songs are very direct. They're big songs, big melodies and really, some full-on guitar playing by a very frustrated man....[The Edge] is so gifted. If this is a great record, and I really think it will be, it will have a lot to do with him."

There is no scheduled release date the album at this stage.

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