Bono writes to the people of East Timor

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East Timor is a tiny nation in South-East Asia (directly north of Australia) and it has been under strict Indonesian rule for several decades now. In the '70s, two Australian journalists reported the abuse East Timorese have suffered under Indonesian rule. They were shot dead by Indonesian-controlled soldiers. Several years ago, a crowd of East Timorese were gunned down by Indonesian troops. The Indonesian government to this day has not acknowledged these facts, nor apologised for them. The Australian government is too pathetic to demand justice, and the rest of the world..? East Timor is too small and holds no economic value for the rest of the world to care about. For every ten copies of a new benefit album, Love From A Short Distance, sold, an East Timorese orphan will gain an entire secondary education. The title of the album is taken from a letter Bono wrote to the East Timorese people, expressing his concern for their plight;

"There is no silence deep enough, no black-out dark enough, no corruption thick enough, no business deal big enough, no politicians bent enough, no heart hollow enough, no grave wide enough, to bury your story and keep it from us. ....Love from a short distance."

The words have been put to music by Australian techno act SOMA, and it appears on the album along with Billy Bragg, Yothu Yindi, Silverchair, Hecate, The Mavis', Painters And Dockers, and Vika And Linda Bull's version of "Set On Freedom", which is also on the Dalai Lama's benefit album.

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